Hat tip to just some guy for sending this news which shows that while migration has increased, many are opting to stay closer to home:

San Francisco’s chief economist, Ted Egan, said that while the out-migration patterns are alarming — only Manhattan has had as large an increase in people leaving the city during the pandemic — the fact that many are not going very far could represent “a silver lining” as the economy recovers post-pandemic.

“You are not going to have to worry about getting them to move back from Boise,” he said. “It looks more like normal pre-COVID migration flows. People are settling into nearby Bay Area suburbs. They are going to Sacramento and L.A. Travis County, which is Austin, Texas, is way down the list. Portland is way down the list. New York is way down the list.”

Maybe it means that our 55+ crowd may grab their old property-tax basis and just move a little further out after April 1st?  We only need a few hundred of them to do so!


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