We wondered what might happen when Zillow changed from a search portal to a brokerage last week.

Zillow showed us who’s the boss.

They deleted the last 50-100 sales from EVERY agent I checked, and ALL active listings were wiped off the agent profile.

They also tweaked my headshot!

None of my past sales on Zillow had any connection to the MLS – they were all manually uploaded, so this wasn’t a MLS-related event.  So I guess Zillow deliberately removed the past sales and active listings!

They haven’t responded to requests as to why, or whether they will put them back.

The MLS-listed properties used to have the listing agent plus the three-headed combo of Premier Agents who were prominently featured in the right-hand column.  The PAs pay hefty advertising fees for placement, but now they are listed below the schools which is down towards the bottom of the listing.  They are called ‘personal guides’ now:

The listing agent does get a one-liner mention too.

Zillow demonstrated their killer instinct previously when they tried to squash Trulia by out-spending them on advertising. Then Zillow bought Trulia and made them a sidekick. Has anyone heard of Trulia lately?

The days of Zillow playing nice with agents are over.

Today’s realtors might survive as long as the baby boomers, who are the only people left who might remember – and appreciate – getting good help. After that, Zillow will declare that the cabal has been broken, and convince you that all you need is a transactional brokerage to handle your paperwork.


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