Someone noticed yesterday.

Denise B. said to Donna, “What’s happened to your Instagram?”

We have hired a company to produce Instagram content.  Kayla used to be in charge, but after she moved to NYC it was left up to me to find a way to create the Instagram posts, and it just never became a big priority.

But it is now.

I was on the calls and knew that this company would be using my content generously for their posts on our Instagram. I’m paying them……to use my content…..to create my posts.

They add all the hashtags and make them look spiffy, so the likes and followers started improving as soon as they took over this month.

But seeing another company producing my content just fired me up – and now I’m inputting as many Instagram posts as they are!

If Instagram is your thing, check us out – I promise you’ll get your money’s worth:


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