What can a home seller do to help make a sale?

I wrote this article two years ago, with the following tip:

Respond to an offer in less than 24 hours.

I offered a couple of examples in the original article, and I just had another one happen.

The listing agent, who is new in the business, didn’t like my offer that was 9% under his list price, but told me that the sellers said they would take a specific price that was 5% under list.  I asked if he was going to counter with that price, and he said no, because they didn’t want to go back and forth.  But if I wrote a new offer with that price, they’d sign it.

I discussed it with my buyer, and then submitted a new offer with the sellers’ price with a 24-hour expiration.  The listing agent acknowledged receipt, and said he’d get back to me first thing the next day.

When noon rolled around with no response, I sent him a text.  He said he presented the offer and the sellers would be getting back to him.

The expiration time came and went.

My buyer said, ‘Screw them, there are plenty of other houses out there’.


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