For those who get a little queasy while driving over the Coronado Bridge, looking at these photos from its construction might help:


One of the comments – Beautiful pictures –thank you. For those of us who lived “State-side” and had to commute to jobs on North Island via monotonous ferry or long Silver Strand drive, we were thrilled to watch this beautiful bridge take shape. A little note for those wondering why the long, sweeping arch: the bridge had to be high enough for Navy ships to pass under it. A straight line from San Diego to Coronado would not allow for enough height; the roadway would simply be too steep at both ends. The long, sweeping arch shape allowed for enough roadway distance to get to the required height with a reasonable grade. Nice. It added greatly to the aesthetics. While many residents of Coronado were not happy, most San Diegans were thrilled and still are to have this beautiful bridge.

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