Kayla sent in this old New York real estate story (agent still in the business):

We knew the NYC real estate market was crazy, but we didn’t realize it was Satanic ritual crazy!

Upset “Manhattan millionaire” Daniel Farash tells the Post that he listed his Upper West Side three-bedroom apartment at 310 West 79th Street with Warburg Realty in 2003.

When Farash came home one weekend, the real estate agent holding the open house was naked and screaming, after apparently urinating on his beds, breaking various objects, arranging things to “look like a woman giving birth” – and pooping in a closet!

Farash is now suing Warburg Realty, charging the incident resulted in him selling his $1.4 million apartment for $500,000 less than market value. He also says it’s left him suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.The broker was identified in court papers by her company as former real-estate agent Julie A. Johnson.

According to a deposition, the firm’s president, Fred Peters, admitted the company knew she was mentally unstable, having discussed her anxiety and stress issues with one of her therapists. But Peters insists the company is not responsible for the damages.

Peters and the company attorney did not return calls for comment.

Interesting – if you have an open house, and the broker knocks over something, the broker is not responsible? We suppose most brokers would pay for damages – but the ones with Satanic and bodily function issues probably wouldn’t. What we’d like to know is whether Warburg paid for cleaners.

Farash has brought his sensational lawsuit to the Post because Warburg is being “uncooperative,” which surprises us because you’d think the realty would want to keep this quiet.  And not that we know the details and highlights of Farash’s old apartment, but in 2002, a 2-bedroom in the same building sold for $1.75 million.


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