Designing a Bathroom on a Budget

Remodeling or redesigning a room can definitely be a huge expense. But there are ways to save some money (and STRESS!) instead of automatically go for the most expensive materials or tearing it down and constantly having workers in your home. Here are some ideas to consider for redoing a bathroom!

1. Colored Bathrooms


Who doesn’t? White screams clean and simple.

But some people buy homes that were built in the 50s where there was nothing but bright colored bathrooms! Why not use that color and just redesign rather than rip it apart? Using color can really set a mood for a room whether that be a light pink to make someone smile or a deep merlot that creates a sexy vibe.

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2. Colored Grout

Maybe you really like your white bathroom but want to make it different compared to ALLLL the other white bathrooms out there. How about colored grout?! The subway tiles with the black grout has become very trendy and popular so you are probably used to seeing this look in kitchens and bathrooms. I personally really like this idea whether it be with black grout or even yellow grout! By doing this you can turn your bathroom from “basic” to “cool.”

Check out our Pinterest page to get some ideas!

P.S. Jim likes the colored grout, just not black!

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