I stumbled upon this article on Architectural Digest and really wished I thought of this years ago. Some people really just love their Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn furniture/decor. But honestly if it wasn’t for those steep prices, who WOULDN’T love those stores?! They last forever, they look so nice and fancy but when you turn over that price tag, GAME OVER. Well get ready ladies and gents because I’m about to blow your mind.

This article taught me that I need to check out the kids’ department. YUP. Once I became a teenager/young adult, I said goodbye to all that kid stuff and said hello to the adult department stores! Now of course this wouldn’t work in clothes/shoes, but when it comes to bedding, furniture, etc. this life hack will save you lots of money.

And no I’m saying you should have butterflies and flowers all over your bedding but if you’re looking for a basic white or pink duvet cover, check out the kids’ department! They have so many options and it costs half the price! At Restoration Hardware, the bedding goes up to a queen size! (Who is buying their 5 year old a queen bed is the real question.)

This article showed how you can use an old toy bin as your new trendy hamper. Who would’ve thunk it?! Shop from rugs to bedding to curtains etc! Check out more information on the article below!


Happy shopping!

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