What would have happened if we didn’t have the bubble/burst?

This graph suggests we would have gotten here anyway, and it’s probably true.

The national 3.6% annual appreciation rate sounds a little rich, but we would have had strong demand from baby boomers setting up their kids lately.

What else?

  1. We probably wouldn’t have sub-4% mortgage rates. ┬áThe jury is still out on whether the Fed can navigate this through to the other side, so there could be further prices to pay later.
  2. If the fixed-rate on mortgages wasn’t so low, we might still have ARMs.
  3. We’d still have foreclosures.
  4. Kamala Harris wouldn’t be so famous.
  5. The Tan Man wouldn’t have been sent to early retirement, and his golf game would have suffered slightly.
  6. Bubbleinfo.com wouldn’t be here!

I’m grateful we are here together trying to figure it all out!

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