I had clients check it out, and they were told that if they want to get on House Hunters, just go buy a house and then they will come film you looking at two dogs, and then go to the home you already bought and pretend you are seeing it for the first time.

The good doctor has some thoughts:


Fake it until you make it.  No truer words have ever been uttered especially when it comes to Hollywood and the make believe of reality TV.  Just because you put the word “reality” in front of TV doesn’t make it so.  Yet people flock to housing shows in mass because it feeds into their world view that real estate is always a winning bet.

Whether the show is about a couple looking to buy their first home or a show where prospective investors take a chance at rehabbing a former meth home and turning it into a puppy daycare, these shows put out some unrealistic scenarios especially for those that actually buy and invest in the real estate market.  Yet that is the rub.  Most people never purchase investment property.  Most that do own real estate own it as their place of residence.  And that is why these shows do so well because they highlight an alternate reality that only works out in scripted reality.

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