Have you ever been frustrated with a bidding war?

Don’t despair – we have a new form!

I hope every broker has been using some version of this for the last 6-7 years.

What struck me was how this could perpetuate the belief that all we do is fill out forms.  Ask what your potential listing agent does besides the paperwork – because salesmanship is what gets top dollar.

Here’s what I do for my sellers:

  1.  Handle all inquiries personally, and encourage offers.
  2.  Give you a written summary of offers.
  3.  Suggest how we can pit them against each other.
  4.  Pit them against each other.
  5.  Work the phones until we reach top dollar.
  6.  Have wifey make sure it closes on time.

Salesmanship is pursuing the desired result – top dollar. Not taking orders.

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