A compilation of the best ideas:

Make the Front Door Welcoming

Energy enters your home at the front door, so invite it in! Make your door stand out by painting it a color that contrasts with your home, adding a new welcome mat and flanking the door with plants. Choose plants with rounded leaves as sharp leaves can appear aggressive to buyers.

Remove the Clutter

An orderly space with no clutter is the best feng shui foundation for your home. And don’t drag your clutter from your old home to your new home – deal with it before moving into the new home.

Create a “Room of First Impression”

Buyers generally decide whether they will buy a home in the first eight seconds they spend there, so you want them to see the best room first. Create a clear path to this room with a runner rug or with eye-catching art and accessories.

Don’t Let Energy Go Down the Drain

If the first thing buyers see when they enter your home is a bathroom, keep the bathroom door closed. Toilets and drains take energy from a room, so keep the toilet lid down and cover drains while not in use.  You can also place a small tabletop water fountain either at the entrance or in the back left corner of the home, which is the wealth corner.  Moving water circulates prosperity energy throughout the home.

Rearrange Furniture to Improve Chi

A furniture arrangement can make or break the flow of energy in the room. If the back of a sofa faces the room’s entrance, energy bounces right out. Facing a comfortable sofa or love seat toward the entrance of the room will improve energy flow and make buyers feel welcome.

Invigorate the Senses

Stimulate your home’s energy with sound by adding a wind chime to the front right corner of your house. This is the buyer’s area of the home, so this accessory might call in your home’s future owner.

Pack Up the Family Photos and Religious Items

You want to make your home as welcoming as possible to potential buyers … don’t distract them with personal effects.  Nature scenes are soothing and will relax the buyers.

Have you let go of the house?

  • Walk room by room through the house and mentally say “thank you” for the good — and bad — times you had there.
  • Picture yourself holding the house, presenting it as a gift to the next owner.
  • Start packing. “It starts getting the energy moving” and releases “your hold on the house,” Kennedy says. Plus, packing away your personal items is a good way to lose the “It’s my house, not yours” vibe.
  • Your basic sense of security is facing one of the biggest challenges in life – you are moving everything about you down the road. Don’t take it lightly.

Making Way for Auspicious Feng Shui Chi

Now, it is time to ensure the new incoming chi is auspicious. Open the windows, turn on the fans, and let the sunlight in. You want fresh air and positivity coming into your home. Be in good spirits.

Go for Good Energy

Most importantly, be aware of the very important feng shui energy triangle when getting ready to sell your house. The energy in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom is either making or breaking the house sale. Buyers need to know they will sleep well, eat well, and well, unwind well if they choose to buy your home.

If you really want feng shui on your side when selling your home, read this:



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