The new broker-owned website envisioned to be the answer to all of the industry’s problems with listing distribution has debuted their website:


It is probably a great idea to streamline a uniform listing process.

But nowhere is it discussed how they will produce a public-facing real estate portal that will compete with Zillow Group for the consumer’s eyeballs.

I guess it sounds nifty that we can designate which portals get each listing, but that will only affect the Zillow Group if there is a wide-spread effort to deny them all of the listings.  Otherwise, they will still have most of them, and sellers will wonder how come you aren’t putting their listing on Zillow.

Either the industry produces a website that captures the consumer’s fancy, and draws them away from the Zillow Group portals, or we don’t.

There isn’t much hope that this effort will lead to some super-duper website later, because that’s not the whole answer.  If we are going to take back the full control of our listings and how the consumer enjoys them, then we need the super-duper website AND the $100 million per year advertising budget to keep up with Zillow.


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