Will the drought talk will die down for a few days?  Maybe not….


As much as 15 inches of rain could fall in the next 16 days in Northern California, with about 2 feet of snow expected in the highest points of the Sierra Nevada, said Johnny Powell, a forecaster with the National Weather Service.

In Southern California, between 2 and 3.5 inches of rain is predicted to fall across the coastal and valley areas, and up to 5 inches falling in the mountains.

How does a week of rain impact real estate sales?

It depends – but if you have to waste a week, do it early in the year!


  1.  Keep sprucing up the house to sell.
  2.  Check for leaks at windows, doors, and roof.
  3.  Make offers (less competition).
  4.  If in escrow, go ahead with inspection – find leaks!
  5.  Interview contractors.
  6.  Protect your landscape.


  1.  Don’t put a new listing on MLS – the first few days on the market are the most urgent, and you don’t want miss any buyers.
  2.  Don’t do open house – it will make a mess of the house….if anyone comes.
  3.  Don’t stop showings by appt – must be a motivated buyer.
  4.  Don’t lower your price…..until everyone is looking again.
  5.  Don’t take listing photos, they always look gray and dreary.
  6.  Don’t forget to turn off sprinklers.

It might be a good week for buyers and sellers to leave town for a few days!


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