Have you seen or heard the realtor.com ads?

I heard this 30-second ad on sports-talk radio and thought it was standard fare:


Then I saw this ad today on the C.A.R. website:

move ad

This claim is from the National Association of REALTORS®, Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers, Addendum Questions, 2014, so I guess they can say it’s legit.

But isn’t it too early for realtor.com to be saying they are better than Zillow at anything? It could be a regional thing, but I never hear any consumers talking about using realtor.com, so to me it all sounds far-fetched.

Meanwhile, Zillow is crushing it with their TV ads, and probably pulling ahead:

Realtor.com needs to be producing better advertising than Zillow if they think they are going to catch up.

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