Hat tip to Richard who sent in this article from msn.com:


It documents the usual positions on technology eliminating the need for realtors – with the outsiders expecting our certain demise any minute, and then agents reminding us of the maze of paperwork.

But the last quote was the best:

Elizabeth Perea, a real estate trainer at NYC Real Estate Advisors, sees the force that resulted from the innovation but disagrees that the role of real estate agents would be rendered obsolete by technology. Rather, she thinks knowing how to use social media and integrate technology into work is an essential skill for real estate agents.

Today’s internet tools can make real estate buying and selling more convenient for the consumer. These are ones I used today:

  • We had determined by the photos that a certain house was worth further inspection.  The buyer was out-of-state, so I toured the house using FaceTime so he could see the house and discuss it live. I also recorded a video tour that I sent later by email.
  • Later, I toured with past clients who love their current house but would move if they could find something better.  We saw three houses that were nice but not better; then reviewed Zillow and Sandicor apps in the driveway for additional listings, and then watched a youtube video tour I took of another house – they liked it, and we’ll look at that one tomorrow.

The tools are helpful, but intepreting the results properly is how agents can bring value to the equation.  A good agent can evaluate a home immediately and assign values for positives and negatives.  Being able to pinpoint the actual value of a house enables the rest of the decision-making for both buyers and sellers.  You deserve to start with the facts.

Trying to negotiate a fair agreement between buyers and sellers can be testy – it can be an uncomfortable time for folks, including the agents.  Being crafty at bringing people together can make the deal.

Getting to the finish line is its own skill.  Creating agreement between parties on how to handle the fixits found in the home inspection sounds simple, but sellers take it personal.  We also help the lender, appraiser, escrow, title, termite and related service providers do their job.  Good agents see trouble brewing and find ways to resolve stuff.

A good agent provides convenience in a market that runs 24/7.  I think consumers appreciate the help, and we’ll figure out what it is worth as we go.

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