The new MLS has its faults, but one new benefit is a ‘Count’ button, which allows it to search larger sets of data and give us a total number.

According to the SDAR website, in 1985 there were 3,251 agents in the San Diego Association of Realtors (the largest of 3 associations in the county today).

Today’s counts:

17,955 licensed agents paying dues for MLS access (you can specify the members when searching, and non-MLS agents and affiliates were omitted).

13,521 houses, condos, and mobile homes sold in San Diego County in the first five months of 2014!

If 20% of the agents are doing 80% of the sales, that’s a lot of realtors not selling!  The public should be aware, and investigate their choices carefully.

With no obvious attempts being made from within the industry to change anything, it’s just a matter of time before an outsider gets a foothold, and possibly change the business forever.

It makes you wonder who it will be.  Any big retailer could bundle up a package of services and include real estate sales too – this was an interesting article:


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