PocketIn a world accustomed to shock and awe, it seems that all media outlets feel the need to bolster their headlines to grab more eyeballs.

The I-News is no exception:


Their comment section dissects the article pretty well, so let’s go straight to checking the sales in our own market.

The MLS and the tax rolls limit how many records you can search, so here is a comparison of NSDCC closed sales for the first two months of 2014:

Sales of SFRs, condos, and PUDs on tax rolls: 629

Detached and attached-home sales in MLS: 576

Percentage of sales in the MLS: 92%

You would think that sellers would insist on exposing their home to the maximum number of buyers.  But there are always going to be non-MLS sales that occur for various reasons, including new homes, for-sale-by-owners, homes sold to occupying tenants and/or family members, plus investors and flippers.

Off-market sales create a sexy headline, but around here the vast majority of sellers want open-market exposure, via the MLS.

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