In the youtube video below, Galen lays out what it obvious to most – that disruption among big and small brokerages is underway.

disruptionFor years now, agents have set up their own office within an office, by calling themselves the (insert name) Team, or (insert name) Group. This creates their own brand, usurping the brokerage’s biggest benefit to agents – brand loyalty.  Brokerages and big franchises have countered by hiring every licensee they can find, corraling them in mega-offices, and hoping enough of them stick that they all survive another year.

These agent groups present themselves with the usual sexy imagery, and the consumers buy it.

But the changing brands and mobile talk only amounts to moving around the deck chairs.  There won’t be any real disruption until the consumer quits buying the slick imagery, and instead, demands top-notch quality service.

There are virtually no real estate video tours, no educational blogs, no insistence on truth-telling, and no commitment by anyone to lead the industry.  Once you see that stuff happening, then you can say the status quo has been disrupted.

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