Staging a home is a positive thing, and it provides two benefits.

  • It makes the photos more inviting, which brings more visitors.
  • Visitors are typically more impressed, due to the extra wow-factor, plus the fancy gear can mask imperfections like funky room size, color scheme, and/or needed repairs.

Professional home staging, where the company loads up your house with high-end furniture and art,  is going to cost somebody a few thousand dollars – usually around 1/2% of the sales price.

Another choice is virtual staging, where images of furniture are placed on your photographs – and it only costs a few hundred dollars.

This company makes a point:

When it comes time for a showing or open house printed photos are a great way to reinforce that first impression visitors received when they first saw the listing photos online.

Provide an opportunity to see the “best of both worlds” where visitors can see the home both furnished and vacant.

The in-person wow factor helps to create an emotional reaction in buyers, and the inexperienced might even pay more.  But virtual staging is better than nothing – you need to get people in the house to sell it.


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