Speaking of other realtors using video, our local TV station, Channel 10, featured this realtor because of his youtubes:

SAN DIEGO – A local real estate agent is busting out some lyrics. He is not a professional rapper, but he is trying to generate business any way he can.

Rafael Perez is a Bonita-based agent for Dominion West Properties. He has produced more than 50 informative videos before but his friends and coworkers let him know they fell on the bland side.

“Most of the time people said, ‘Hey, it’s a really informative video. It was great information, but loosen up, try to be funny and have fun with it,'” Perez told 10News after reporter Joe Little found the would-be rapper’s video on YouTube.

“Home ownership is back, now the new routine,” Perez raps in the video.

Perez actually has a miniature TV studio in his office complete with tripod, green screen and a video editing program on his laptop.

“I recorded the whole thing with my phone,” he said.


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