Those of us who grew up in the ’70s knew Joe Walsh as a solo artist and guitar hero.¬† Only later did I learn that he and his family¬†were living in Olivenhain (back in the 1990s):

From wiki:

Walsh ran for President of the United States in 1980 on top of his music career as a mock campaign. He promised to make “Life’s Been Good” the new national anthem if he won, and ran on a platform of “Free Gas For Everyone.”

Though Walsh was not old enough to actually assume the office, he wanted to raise public awareness of the election. In 1992 Walsh ran for vice president with Rev. Goat Carson under the slogan “We Want Our Money Back!”.

In 1994, Walsh noted that he woke up after blacking out when arriving in Paris, France on an airplane. He had his passport, but did not remember getting on the plane. That was his turning point and he has been sober ever since. Jimmy Page’s sunburst 1959 Gibson Les Paul, better known as his “Number 1” was originally owned by Joe Walsh and was sold to Page in 1969.

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