Sage Creek High School is near completion and scheduled to open in August. Some teachers and parents say it shouldn’t be opened at all. Don Boomer • U-T

A number of teachers and parents are asking the Carlsbad Unified School District to delay the planned August opening of Sage Creek High School, arguing that it will strain resources and isn’t needed at this time.

“This new high school is just going to be a ruination of the district,” said Sheila DeKosky, a Carlsbad High teacher who created the website last month.

The Carlsbad Unified Teachers Association’s website also wants the school’s opening postponed and is asking people to email board members to request a delay.

The opposition is mostly based on teachers’ fears that the district may cut staff positions or ask employees to take furlough days to make up for the costs of opening the new campus.

District officials have already said they don’t anticipate hiring any additional teachers to staff the new high school. Instead, they’ll transfer teachers from other schools.

Rick Grove, assistant superintendent of personnel for CUSD, said the number of teachers needed at Sage Creek won’t be known until the student-application deadline closes Feb. 8. That’s when officials will have a firmer grasp on enrollment at the school.

School district trustees say the opening of the campus is going ahead as planned.

“This is not something the board is considering,” Trustee Kelli Moors said about the dozens of emails she has received requesting a delay. “The board has decided opening this high school in August is one of our highest priorities.”


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