Did you know that in 1954, the Navy offered N.A.S. Miramar to San Diego for $1 and the city considered using the base to relocate its airport?

But it was deemed at the time to be too far away from most residents and the offer was declined!

This 1954 photo shows nothing around >>>

(click on image to enlarge)

The movie ‘Top Gun’ was filmed in San Diego when Miramar N.A.S. was ‘Fightertown, U.S.A.’.  The Top Gun school moved to Fallon, Nevada, when the Marines moved back to Miramar in the late 1990s.  They are phasing out all fighter-pilot training at Miramar by 2015 as the F-18’s are retired.

As a result, we might only see the real deal on video in the near future. I think this is Virginia-based:

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