What do you mean, “arrogant listing agents”?

The listing agent’s job is to promote the property in a way that generates the most offers, and once those offers are submitted, to handle them in a way that results in a smooth, top-dollar sale for the seller.

While that sounds obvious, these days it is going the other way – with listing agents doing many things to impede offers.  The evidence is everywhere: few and/or lousy photos, multiple barriers to showings, refusing to answer or return calls, slow or no response to offers, and unethical behavior at every turn.

The MLS allows for listing agents to attach additional documents to their listings to help promote a sale – floor plans, brochures, etc.  But now it has become common for agents to attach their FAQs, whose intent is to assist you with the basics answers, but are really a stern warning that they have no inention of cooperating with you or your sale.

Here are examples:

  1. Is the listing still for sale?  If it’s active in the MLS, it’s for sale.
  2. Do you have offers? We don’t disclose that.
  3. How many offers do you have?  We don’t disclose that.
  4. Do you have offers near, at, or over the list price? We don’t disclose that.
  5. What do I need to do to win? We don’t disclose that.

These Q&As don’t promote a sale, they are a turnoff.  It is in the seller’s best interest to be open and honest with other agents about what is happening!

Buyer-agents don’t want to waste their time on properties where they know nothing about the current status.  Conversely, if they call and get an enthusiastic voice on the line that gives specific answers, the buyer’s agent is much more likely to pursue selling it.

Buyers want transparency – the more you can give to them, the more likely they will respond favorably.  I still answer my own phone, and take these agent calls myself – list your home with me, and I will properly promote your property!

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