Hat tip to Joe for sending this in, from treehugger.com:

At first glance it is a bit ostentatious, having your Maserati in your living room and  a car elevator to get it there, but in some ways it makes sense. Underground parking is expensive to build and inefficient, with about 125 square feet of circulation and ramping for every 200 square feet of parking. With a car elevator there is no extra floor space at all, just the area of the elevator shaft and the extra wall enclosing it.

 It’s nice, not having to carry your groceries from the car to the elevator to the apartment, even though the trunk of a Lamborghini doesn’t hold very much. It is also nice not having to interact with another human being in the lobby or the elevator, but to be able to live your life in an air conditioned cocoon , from home to garage to car to mall or office. In fact, for the $7.5 million that these apartments cost, you get all the benefits of a suburban home. Not only is there a car elevator, but there is a service elevator for the help so you never have to talk to anyone.

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