Bank of America now requires all parties (sellers, buyers, and both agents) to sign this disclosure:

B of A Short Sale Buyers-Disclosure-Addendum

Excerpts from Page 3, regarding the agents:

Licensee representing Seller acknowledges and agrees that, in his or her professional opinion, Property has been listed on the appropriate local Multiple Listing Service at a listing price intended to generate open market competitive offers to purchase Property and not at an artificially low or high listing price. Licensee representing Seller further acknowledges and agrees that his or her marketing efforts were in fact and “in spirit” aimed toward maximizing the selling price of Property from a ready, willing and able buyer. Licensee has not engaged in any conduct that restricts or limits offers from buyers, including but not limited to requiring cash offers, using disparaging language regarding the property or tenants, or unreasonably restricting access.

Licensee representing Seller acknowledges that he or she has made Seller aware of all offers to purchase Property that Licensee received during the listing period and that he or she has not coerced, harassed or improperly influenced Seller in selecting a buyer for Property or in agreeing to the terms and conditions of the purchase contract.

Licensee acknowledges and agrees that Licensee is not engaging in appraisal fraud, flipping (a predatory lending practice whereby a recently acquired property is resold for a considerable profit with an artificially inflated value within a short period of time, as defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation), identity theft and/or straw buying. Licensee has disclosed all agreements or understandings relating to the current sale or subsequent sale of Property of which Licensee is aware or should be aware. Licensee is not aware of any other agreements or understandings that call for the subsequent sale of the Property within 30 days of the current sale, the assignment of the property to the Seller or the option for the Seller to purchase.

NAR, CAR and local boards have yet to author anything similar to this.

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