Unfortunately for truth-seekers and transparency buffs, the real estate business is full of fluff.

Sellers will believe anything that makes it sound like they will get more money for their house – they are literally blinded by greed.  Realtors are happy to feed those egos with stories about how their millions of dollars worth of staging will result in more money.  I saw one today that said her staging will bring a 300% return – doesn’t that sound enticing?

Today’s buyers are too educated on the market, and would much rather see an attractive price.  Sellers don’t have to give them away, just be reasonable – and please don’t think that you are going to get an extra 10% to 20% because your realtor threw some extra-large pillows on the sofa!

Here is my exterior staging package, provided free of charge – and its effectiveness is 100%!

Spend more time and energy on getting the price right! Remember the old adage, “you can spend a million dollars on advertising, but if the price isn’t right, the house won’t sell!”

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