From W Magazine:

Outside the Manor, a 56,500-square-foot castle in Los Angeles’s Holmby Hills built in 1991 by Aaron and Candy Spelling and bought last summer by Petra Ecclestone—the 23-year-old daughter of Formula One mogul Bernie Ecclestone—for a reported $85 million, a man inspected the wheels of a white Range Rover with a thick black stripe down the hood and petra written on the grille. His colleague polished a matching black one, marked stunt, for James Stunt, Petra’s husband of six months. Also arrayed, in fan formation in a motor court that is said to have space for a hundred cars, were a white Ferrari and a white Rolls-Royce Ghost (Petra’s) and a black Lamborghini and a black Rolls (James’s).

The interior of the Manor, once the domain of acres of chintz and known for housing Candy’s doll collection and the infamous gift-wrapping room—and, according to her memoir, for being the locus of her greatest social anxieties—has been Petra-fied. Designed in three weeks and installed in nine, a feat that required 500 workers and the tireless attention of the celebrity designer-builder Gavin Brodin, the house has been transformed from an old Dynasty-like set to a massive VIP lounge. Five thousand square feet of white marble lashed with thick black stripes pave the foyer; black carpet streaks up the sweeping double staircase to the second floor. Dark velvets line the walls, and little crystals sparkle everywhere.

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