People have been sending in the links to the story about the NAR sales recount.


NAR has always been irrelevant, and will always be – they are a joke.

They don’t do a hard count of the actual sales; instead, they estimate the sales nationwide.  Yet, the story is that they are revising their estimating model, not that they are changing to an actual count of home sales.

They have realtor.com, which according to them is “the most comprehensive source for real estate listings”, but they don’t use it themselves to count sales?

What they should do is discontinue the national count altogether, as part of a shift to educating the public properly.  They should champion the ‘all real estate is local’ mantra, and if they are going to publish anything, it should be statistics on local sales only.

But they can’t stop from blubbering all over themselves, they even had to assure us with this:

“The benchmark revisions will be published next Wednesday and will not affect house prices.”

NAR should do all of us a favor and close their doors – for good.

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