This house at the top of the hill in Leucadia has as good, or better ocean view as any you’ll see from homes around the coast – there is a marker on the street that memorializes the spot as the lookout point for enemy ships during the war!

Yet, this new house took five years to sell. Why?

Buyers aren’t willing to overlook the other negatives, and want the price to reflect.

In the last 12 months around the 92024, from sales of houses built since 2000:

Ocean View : 28 sales, avg. 3,556sf, have averaged $336/sf

Non-Ocean View:  81 sales, avg. 3,185 sf, have averaged $326/sf

Buyers will pay a little more for the ocean view, but, like in this case, want to properly value the small family room and freeway noise too.  Final tally here?  $325/sf:

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