1.  The first house in this video shows why going direct to the listing agent can be concerning.

2.  The others demonstrate more short-sale shenanigans.

My specific beef about short-sale flipping:  When agents join the MLS membership they agree to share their listings with other agents by inputting them onto the MLS system within 48 hours, for all agents to sell. Those who don’t are breaking the rules. The MLS exists so you get to sell my listings, and I get to sell yours – that is the agreement.

The MLS people don’t enforce their own rules.  If an agent has a complaint about another agent, they have to build their own case and prosecute the offender themselves.  The penalty, if convicted?  A letter goes into their file.  No wonder there is lawlessness.

If we don’t police ourselves, somebody else will.  A reminder of agents being prosecuted here.

If the banks tire of being ripped off, maybe they will stop short sales altogether, and foreclose only?

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