Pacific Station has sold a few condos, and Whole Foods Market opens Wednesday, June 29th at 9am – the first 300 customers get a complimentary demi-baguette:

From Yelp:

FYI, just learned that the units are being sold, in phases of course.  Bluwater is giving tenants ninety days to move in the “Live Loft” area.  My assessment of Bluwater as a renter is different from being a buyer.  Being a previous home owner,  I would be upset to learn the wooden floor buckles quite easily when liquids touches it, that there is no sealant on the grout of the luxurious bathtub area (molds easily), or that the paint is just coming of the exterior trim.  Rumor has it the “Live Lofts” are going for $500K, which is approximately 1400 square feet.   I cannot say what the “Work Lofts” (2700-3000 sq. ft.) are being sold for, originally they were in the $700’s at the height of the real estate market.

687 South Coast Highway Hwy # 212, Encinitas, CA 92024

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