On a day where 2 billion people are engrossed with the kisses of  two British 20-somethings, let’s shine the spotlight on San Diego’s own King of Graphs, Rich Toscano.

Here’s an excerpt and two of the graphs from his post, click here for the full story:

It is interesting, however, that the low-priced tier of the index dropped as much as it did.  After weathering the recent fall/winter lull better than the other tiers, the low-priced homes were spanked for 2.7 percent in February.  The middle tier was down 1.4 percent and the high tier by .5 percent for the month.

This looks like somewhat of a catch-up move which reverses the low tier’s previous strength and gets it more into line with recent price changes in the overall market.

The San Diego Case-Shiller Index since 1989:

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