Here’s a youtube follow-up on my mother’s house in Concord, CA.

Other ingredients:

1. We’re offering 3% commission to the buyer’s agent.

2. Vacant houses keep the sellers more objective.

At least three other agents had brought back their buyers for a second look, but didn’t offer. Sellers who still live in the house think that the rush of foot traffic means that a bidding war is about to break out.  But most of the time those lookers are just convincing themselves that it’s better to stay on the fence.

When you see some new listings increase their price the first week, it is usually because the sellers and agents mis-interpret the initial surge of activity.

3. Motivated sellers believe that it’s better to get it done, rather than dicker over every last penny – and risk losing the sale.

When the sellers accept the buyers’ counter-offer, it’s more likely that the repair requests will go a little easier. If buyers feel like they got worked over on price, they’ll be going for revenge later.

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