Rainy weather is a great time to check for leaks.

Yards are usually over-watered to begin with, then you add in the deluge we’ve had over the last few weeks and you’re going to find some problems.

For those who don’t mind tilling your own soil, you can fix exterior water issues with common sense, and a few weekends of sweat equity;  1. Gutters,   2.  Add french drains,  3. Drainage/slope away from the house,  4. Move plants and sprinklers away from the house.

What about fixing the damage inside?

Here are some of my best vendor referrals:

Remediation – for moisture testing and removing the damaged material, contact Roni Daher at 911 Restoration of San Diego at 1-888.243.6653 or


Restoration – drywall, flooring, painting, elec/plumb, roofing, etc., contact general contractor Greg Thomas and Brian Carter at Thomas Construction tcbuilt@gmail.com or (760) 427-6925. (they did the Del Mar Heights bathroom remodel here). 

Roni does the rebuilds too, but his specialty is remediation.

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