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All across the country, elbow room in households like the Grissos’ is disappearing as jobless brothers and foreclosed in-laws move in with family, and as young adults return home after unhappy ventures into the working world. The average home today has 2.59 people — the highest number in a decade. And just 357,000 new households were formed in the U.S. last year, the lowest number since at least 1947.

That has a big ripple effect on the economy, pushing down demand for new homes and the big-ticket items that go with them, such as washers and dryers. The trend will shape the country for years to come, as young people put off marriage, children and homes of their own.

Living in a combined household isn’t easy: Families are dividing spaces that were once private and skimping on things that never before seemed a luxury. But the Rouths say they didn’t have a choice.

“We had to break down and be humble about it, and say, we can’t get jobs, let’s just do it,” said Philip’s wife, Lisa, who has a creamy complexion and shiny brown hair. “It was a hard step, at least for me, to have to go into their household and live their way, with my two children.”,0,1851236,full.story

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