The Pacific View Elementary School site will be back in the spotlight tomorrow.

The Board of Trustees for the Encinitas Union School District will be meeting at 6:30pm Tuesday to determine what to do with the old school site. 

District officials had been exploring options for the property ever since the school closed in 2003 after its enrollment declined. Their latest plan was to hand it over to a private developer for a housing project. In order for that to occur, the city needed to allow the zoning to change from public facilities to “residential-15,” which would allow up to 24 homes on the site.  The Encinitas City Council rejected the zoning change last month.  

At that City Council meeting, many speakers said that instead of tearing down the old school buildings and putting homes on the land, the Encinitas Union School District and the city should work together to transform the place into a community arts facility or other public use center.

Holding up various property deed documents for the old school site, Leucadia resident Sarah Garfield, who owns property near the school on Third Street, stressed that the school property was donated long ago by several people who hoped children would enjoy it forever.

“These were not only great gifts, they were well-thought-out gifts,” she said, adding that the school site is a unique because of its prime coastal location.

“These people did us a great favor.”

If you’d like to attend, the school district offices are at 101 Rancho Santa Fe Rd.

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