The White House

Location: Washington, DC

Estimated home value: $263,170,000*

Notable ghosts: Abigail Adams, Abraham Lincoln

It makes sense that a home this old and with so much history has a lot of ghosts. Abigail Adams, wife of second president John Adams, is considered to be the “oldest” ghost in the White House since she and John were the first to live in the big, drafty home that was still unfinished when they moved in on Nov. 1, 1800.

She was known to hang her laundry in the East Room and is still “spotted” there to this day. But perhaps the most notable ghost is 16th president Abraham Lincoln who some believe had psychic powers. Many former presidents, residents and heads of state say they’ve seen Lincoln or felt his presence throughout the White House, including British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, who fainted at the sight of ‘Lincoln’s image.”

Other famous ghosts include Dolley Madison who stands watch over the Rose Garden; 7th president Andrew Jackson has been heard laughing in the Rose Bedroom; 3rd president Thomas Jefferson plays his violin in the Yellow Oval Room; 9th president William Henry Harrison haunts the White House attic; and British soldiers are “seen ” walking the hallways.

* Zillow calculated the White House Zestimate in January 2008, using propriety algorithms to determine, as accurately as possible, a value for the White House were it actually a home that could be bought and sold, using publicly available data and information.

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