On September 1st, we checked the August detached sales for San Diego County, and it looked like we were in for a trouncing (again, after July’s beating nationally). 

This was the tally of MLS August detached sales then, knowing there would be some late reporters:

Aug 2009: 1,857 sales, $233/sf

Aug 2010: 1,556 sales, $247/sf

But did you notice that Dataquick reported 1,883 sales in August, 2010?

Today, the MLS shows 1,811 August sales – or 255 late-reporters, which increases the sales count by 16%!  This in spite of the Sandicor rules which state:

Upon final closing, the listing broker shall report or input the listing in the MLS as “sold” within twenty four hours (24) of final closing date.

What gives?  The Sandicor rules are not followed that closely, apparently. 

A newly-minted agent told me that they heard from the instructor at the San Diego Association of Realtors orientation last month that 40% of their members haven’t sold a property this year.  Maybe realtors forgot, or never knew how to mark their listings closed? 


There will be more added, but today the MLS is showing 1,587 detached sales for Sept., 2010. 

If we anticipate the same type of late-reporting, and tack on an extra 16% like last month, it puts September at 1,840 sales – which is under the 2009 total of 1,935 but still a decent number.

In September 2009 the SD average was $238/sf, and last month was $251/sf

We’ll see where it ends up!


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