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Atlanta’s most notorious pink elephant is about to go the way of the dinosaur.

Dean Gardens, a huge, and very pink, mansion finally sold, after 15 years on the market and a whopping $25 million price reduction. The buyer plans on demolishing the 32,000 square-foot home, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

But, before the wrecking ball strikes the Atlanta-area abode,  the contents are up for grabs. Gala events are planned for Aug. 20-21 and Aug. 28, and what’s left over will be auctioned off, with some of the proceeds donated to charity, homeowner Larry Dean tells Developments. He’s been living in the ornate digs.

Attendees can glimpse gilded rooms that cost more than $5 million to fill: There’s a nursery with a carousel theme, a diner-inspired game room with a jukebox and soda fountain and the peacock room featuring a cappuccino bar and a 4,000-pound English limestone table sitting atop a steel beam buried under the home.

The house comes with an 18-hole golf course, amphitheater and wedding chapel. It spent years on the market, with price tags ranging from $20 million to $40 million. The selling price is said to top $10.5 million, but Mr. Dean, a self-made millionaire who was in the software business, would not confirm the final number.

The eight-bedroom mansion that took more than four years to build was to be the dream home for Mr. Dean and his wife Lynda Dean,

according to the AJC. But they separated not long after its 1992 debut and have since divorced.

“It’s not sad,” Mr. Dean says. “The operating expenses far exceeded my expectations. It was a beautiful place, but a very expensive place to run.”  Mr. Dean has about 60 days to leave his home. He doesn’t know where he’ll go next. Still, “I’m ready to leave,” he says.

There is a Facebook group working to save this pink palace.

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