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The mastermind behind the epic prank at the Cardiff surfing statue says he can’t stop laughing and smiling.  The controversial statue of a surfer was attacked but not injured by a papier-mache shark in Cardiff on Saturday.

Pranksters constructed the shark’s head around the statue, officially called “The Magic Carpet Ride” but referred to as the “Cardiff Kook” by some locals, without damaging it sometime in the early morning hours, sheriff’s officials said.

“I’m glad that people are having a good time with it,” said Eric, who didn’t want to reveal his last name. “I’m really happy. I’ve heard people say ‘we’re taking pictures for our Christmas card.’ Its great.”

Eric, who is “a waiter by day and sculptor by night,” says he actually came up with the idea a year ago. It took about two weeks for he and about 25 friends to put together the “Jaws-like” creature now getting national attention thanks to the internet. Its made out of newspaper, wood and chicken wire.”

He says about 13 people got together around 4 a.m. Saturday and walked the creation over to the statue. What a sight that must have been. “We were laughing so hard. I couldn’t stop laughing once I put it in,” said Eric. “We were just in hysterics. Everybody was just in such a good mood. It was so funny.”

The statue, created by artist Matthew Antichevich, has been a favorite target of pranks since it was erected in 2007.  Some said the surfer was striking a pose that’s effeminate and said the guy looked like a ballet dancer.  regular look —>>>

From NBCSanDiego

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