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What’s thought to be the only remaining house in Los Angeles designed by the Craftsman stars the Greene brothers is for sale. It’s beautiful, yes. It has four original leaded glass light fixtures. It’s been lovingly restored over more than 20 years.

And it’s listed at $775,000. By comparison, the much larger Greene & Greene-designed Spinks House in Pasadena — site of the architects’ gems the Gamble and Blacker houses — was on the market last year for $4.6 million.

So why is this one, the Lucy Wheeler House, on the market even long enough for a story to be written and published?

For one thing, although the historic status of the house might net the buyer tax savings under the Mills Act, it also means the owner can’t choose the living room paint colors or replace the original kitchen sink. For another, the house is in West Adams, a neighborhood near downtown that is loved fiercely by its defenders but that demands its newcomers to be, if not pioneers, at least residents ready for some scruffiness.

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