From the U-T, more hoopla about rising prices:


At least this made the cut, although it was the sixth paragraph down:

Although San Diego prices rose, they remain far below the peak set in 2005, and some analysts say the increase reflects a change in market mix — more high-priced homes selling than in previous quarters — than a major increase in value.p>

The misleading part is that they keep saying that “prices rose”.  All that happened was that the median price went up, that’s it. Here is the brief ‘market mix’ noted above of SD County detached homes in the first quarter:

2009/2010 # of sales % chg. $-psf
$0-$400K 3,232/2,513 -22% $180/$199
$4-800K 1,281/1,610 +26% $242/$259
$8-$1.20 171/280 +64% $354/$343
$1.20+ 129/180 +40% $569/$523
Totals 4,813/4,583 -5% $213/$241

It looks like there are more mid-range and high-end homes selling, which skew the median sales price. Let’s work in some more detailed analysis over the next few days. Any personal observations?

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