Who do you call once you realize you’ve been hacked?


Bryce was the first to email the news, and within 60 seconds I had Robert on the phone.  He was happy to oblige, and boom, here we are, right back in business!

Thank You Robert!

Our website designer Stefanie pitched in too, adding more security measures – if you ever need help designing your website, her contact info is at the bottom of the screen.


Let’s ponder the future – what can we expect for 2010 in North SD County Coastal?

1. More distressed properties for sale.

So far in the fourth quarter we’ve had 1,213 new listings in NSDCC, and 258 of them are short sales or REOs, or 21%.  The overall county 4Q stats are 43% short sales and REOs – we’re due to catch up with heavy activity expected on the ARM-recast chart. 

2. More short sales showing up on the court house steps.

The sellers have to cooperate fully, and in many cases it’s better for them to be foreclosed – expect more short sales to fail as a result.

3. More loan mods showing up on the court house steps.

The loan mod terms aren’t that much better, and the free rent was good while it lasted – are modders going to go back to making big payments?  Doubtful.

4. Banks/servicers unloading

It may not be a tsunami, but the drip has to at least turn into a slow meandering stream.  There have been 103 closings in the fourth quarter in NSDCC, but there are 872 properties that have received their notice of trustee sale!

5. Housing Tax Credit getting credit for sales activity.

Who knows if it helps, and there’s little benefit in the more expensive areas.  But it gives people something to talk about.

6. Chargers winning Super Bowl.

Let’s not get too hyped up, it’s only been 8 wins in a row, and Norv is still the coach.  But if a miracle happened, it would make people feel a little better.

7. Lower pricing

Forget 1-6, all that matters is number 7.

Take a look at the latest pricing from the court house steps, via youtube:

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