I am a proponent of realtors getting the word out, yet very few are willing to publish data or opinions to help consumers.  I don’t know if it’s because local agents live in Kris Berg’s shadow at her witty http://sandiegohomeblog.com/ or because agents generally have nothing to say?

But I support the agents who do blog – because consumers deserve more information, and every opinion is worth considering.

A few years back, Schahrzad Berkland, aka ‘powayseller’, a very vocal bear on the blogs, became a realtor.  Out of her commitment to help buyers and sellers, she runs her own blog:  http://www.californiahousingforecast.com/ 

I’ve been encouraging her to do more videos:

She has experienced how the homebuyers’ want and need for buying a house has been much stronger than she expected. We noted how hard it is to find the right house, at the right price – and how that difficulty makes buyers more determined, and more anxious. It takes everyone working together patiently to make smart, logical decisions.

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