I finally had had enough of Ronald McMansion yesterday, and objected to his carpet bombing of this blog with pure negativity. 

You can count on Ron to re-post the same bad news you read on the other blogs, eliciting comments from wifey such as, “Oh, it’s him again”, and “I just pass over his stuff.”

We deserve to hear all sides of the housing arguments, that’s why we’re here.

But Ron, can you mix it up a little?

CA-renter is the best example.  She provides the clearest bear arguments in her own words, based on common sense and her observations around town, but also acknowledges how sales are red hot and the difficulty of charting the course.  But I like CA-renter – I’ve been to her house, and know her family.  Why, because she has respect for what we’re trying to accomplish here.

This is the advanced project – the place to examine all the facts and be more educated when making our own personal decisions about real estate.

Here’s an example, the SD Home Sales over $1,000,000 for the first three quarters of the year:

Year # of $1M Sales Avg. $/sf DOM
$473/sf 76
$468 103
$476 89
$526 63
$554 66
$583 71
$567 79
$605 85
$552 100

Add to this year’s puzzle that there have been 4,403 listings over $1,000,000 posted on the MLS since 1/1/09.

The obvious conclusions would be that the lack of easy jumbos are choking the higher-end market, resetting ARMs have to be killing those sellers, and just wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, etc.

I’m more interested in the 896 who did buy, the relative strength in the $-psf, and ocrenter, who said yesterday that he knows a number of higher-end folks who are buying. There is also topics like Susie’s predicament – a former homeowner with enough dough to pay cash for a house, yet she may never own again, in spite of her desire to do so. It’s not because I’m an agent, it’s because those are the stories and angles that don’t get covered on other blogs.

My little sister is get married today, so I’ll be away from the computer.

P.S. I was also going to mention Ronald’s concern about spamming being ridiculous in our little corner of the world, but then I see words today with double-underlines and advertising attached to them! They are unauthorized, and anyone who can offer advice on how to prevent them will be appreciated!

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