The lower-end of each micro-market throughout San Diego County has been red hot lately.  Virtually every decent house under $400,000 is being deluged with buyers, probably in hopes of cashing in on the $8,000 tax credit before the end of November.

Our flipper’s luck has continued – she listed 4 houses for sale, and we found a buyer for all of them:

Street Amt. Paid Date New List Price Sales Price Notes
Leon $165,000 5/14/09
$290,000 Appraisal in
Charles $172,000 5/8/09
$295,000 Appraisal in
Blackbird $131,500 6/1/09
$250,000 Five offers
Calera $142,000 4/30/09
$240,000 Five offers

Here are the last two on the list – taped last Monday, the same day as the others:

It’s not just the cheapies either. After about two years of trying to sell the nondescript 2,558sf house on Summit in Cardiff, the builder sold to pure flippers last November. They held out, hoping their list price of $1,245,000 would work. It went pending today! (ht to dcc!)

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