Thanks everyone for participating in the contest for Chargers playoff tickets!

Here are the finalists for best explanation, and winner of four Padres tickets vs. Cardinals:

#4, from JK:

1) Fannie Mae loans will still be available
2) Stimulus money will inject some money
3) Some people will ‘feel rich’ with the Dow over 9,000
4) Most people still dont understand that it may be easier to walk away
5) Lots of people in SD made money off real estate; once you start, it’s hard to stop

1) Banks are drawing a harder line on mods
2) There is a lot of meat left to grind into sausage (foreclosure pipeline)
3) Double dip recession starts when clunkers ends


#3, from doughboy:

Nice round number, no scientific or mathematical wizardry used what so ever!

Lets just call it 1000 12 packs!


#2, from mybleachhouse:

There isn’t much for sale now and don’t see much on the horizon. This supposed tsunami that is going to hit is looking more and more like an ankle slapper.


#1, from JordanT – THE WINNER   (lack of seasonality, and similar to today’s market)

Seasonality is not a major factor in this market as the buyers are investors and first time home buyers (very similar dynamic to last fall). The number of distressed sellers will stay about the same as well, since there doesn’t seem to be much seasonality to NODs/NOTs. Congress will at least extend the $8,000 housing credit, with a chance of making it $15,000 to anyone.

Therefore, the market is going to be very similar to what it is today.


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