From a bubbleinfo reader:


My wife and I were biking around Mission Bay yesterday just before sunset. My wife was wearing your Bubbleinfo shirt.

Just as we slowed down to avoid hitting a renegade kid crossing the bike path, a 20-something female jogger walked up to my wife and said “I recognize that shirt. How did you get Jim to give you one?”

Needless to say we had a long conversation about you and your website. The female jogger (never did get her name) has never posted on but reads your blog each and every day. She and her fiance plan to buy a house in Carlsbad next year and will be using your services. You certainly have a loyal following.

That’s the third time now I met a young female with your t-shirt. Pretty impressive for a gray-haired, 50-something, overweight guy. Maybe should advertise your shirts as ‘Certified chick magnets. Better than a Bichon!’

So how’s that “Bubbleinfo Hand Gesture” plan working? I wanted to do a special hand gesture to solidify our special bond as we parted ways. But a simple bye-bye wave had to do.


The reader and I had discussed before the idea of having a special bubbleinfo salute – have any ideas?  Here is a link to the top 10 hand gestures:

If you slip down into the comment section, you’ll see #11, “the shocker”, I think we’ll pass on that one though.


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